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Posted 8 years ago

Hi everyone,

Michelle here from Exotic Publishing.

I’m an expert in the escort industry, and what I do is help people start and run their own escort service.

Most people buy my book on how to start and run an escort agency, but some people prefer just to hire me for one-on-one consultation.

You can read more about it on http://exoticpublishing.com

My other book is a manual on How to Become an Escort

I take great pride in having written this one because it helps many girls make the decision about whether this is the right profession for them, and gives them the tools on how to chose a good escort service to start off with.


Every book I sell is personally written by me.

So why did I decide to start this blog you ask?

Well it’s simple really.

My goal is to help clean up the industry.

Out the escort services that are mean, nasty, rip customers off, hire underage girls, deal drugs, lie to customers about who they are really sending out, and so on.

I also want to out the girls who become escorts to rip customers off, are sleazy, or they back stab both agency owners or other independent escorts.

While I don’t expect everyone to be sweet as pie all the time, generally people should be nice and ethical.

If they are mean spirited, lie, commit crimes (petty or larger), this prevents the nice, ethical people working in the escort industry from doing their job well.

This industry is no different than any other industry, contrary to what others may think, every industry has is pros and cons.
The escort industry won’t disappear just because people want it to.

Many escorts who buy my “How to Become an Escort” book ask me for referrals to escort services that are ethical, honest, and run their agency similar to how I feel it should be run.

Customers also ask me for referrals and they can sign up here for my list.

I realized that I can’t actually recommend escort agencies or escorts simply because that would require around the clock screening to make sure the escort agency runs their agency in the same ethical manner today, as they would run it 6 months down the road.

So what I did decide on though, is to out the nasty people who want to get into the escort industry.

I have no biases towards any escort agency or independent escort.

I am an impartial observer and I only go by how they have treated me during the short period of time that I talk to them.

I’m a nice person 90% of the time (we all have our off days , so if someone is nasty, I don’t feel I’ve provoked this treatment.

We as humans are never perfect, so if a customer is that difficult that he or she is nasty to me even after I’ve explained myself (or tried to), then I know he or she will probably run a nasty escort service.

While some customers are difficult to deal with, I bend over backwards for my customers, so if I can’t work things out with them, you probably want to know about my experiences.

In fact I love all of my clients dearly. I want to help them, and I really want them to succeed.

For the most part, I’d say 95% of my clients are generally nice and some are real sweethearts  

At this point my review will only be of people who have bought my book and have either committed fraud, or were very very difficult to deal with.

If I catch wind of it, I may even post about escort agency owners or independent escorts who abuse their children, spouses/partners, or refuse to pay child support even though they are making money.

All and all, these are my opinions and you have the right to make your own judgments.I don’t lie, and I’m not here to get people into trouble.

I am here to try and clean up the escort industry and make it more respectable as it should be.

Also, just so you know what 90% of my customers say about me, here are testimonials from both my sites…

Exotic Publishing


Become an Escort


Straight from their mouths, as I don’t lie and make things up.

So thank you for reading, and you have a fabulous day or night depending on where you are located, as I have customers and readers worldwide :)

Exotic Publishing

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